• Mango Shango posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    I keep hearing about what we CAN’T do to Our Super White Man wannabe “Owners” of the Universe because “they got all the guns and shit” and I wonder how all these John Henrik Clark devotees missed him saying “If you want to get somebody off your back all you have to do is stand up”

    I keep wondering if we stopped waiting for the complete Unity Unicorn we’ve been sold and recognized that bad people are going to do bad things UNTIL we give them a reason not to
    Soooo what if

    we demonstrated and instilled in Our youth a collective consciousness and personal responsibility that Each of us are as responsible to the race as each cell is to the body. Promote a 1 to 3 program whereas they organize into single units but no larger then 3, and 5 in extremely close occasions but mainly no more then 3 very closely bound individuals moving out undirected based on KNOWING what needs to be done to whomever and when. There is no defense or infiltration against those not talking or advertising their actions or for help or needing orders from leadership. But Remember as important as punishing Our enemies spontaneously and randomly is There must also be ramifications for collaboration and other Race Traitor Behavior. Before any Coward accuses me of talking reckless, DON’T because we not gonna sneak up on Our Enemies , they knew we were coming before most of you negros got a clue

    What do yall think?



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